Smart energy: Plugging into the grid

Smart grid: Smart energy towers of power

Complex, intelligent, somewhat abstract. A smart grid is something that to this day tends to confuse me. The best way I can think to describe it is as the internet for energy. It is a combination of hardware and software, built into an intelligent infrastructure of communication. Given the right tools, you can manage a smart grid, monitor energy issues and be able to respond to them.

In the race to find a way to reduce carbon emissions, a smart grid is a possibility many are warming up to. It optimizes the management of energy supply and demand. There are companies currently out there developing tools for a smart grid. Among them are technologies focused on advanced metering infrastructure, demand response and critical peak pricing. Many of these technologies are in the process of entering the market.

The implementation of a smart grid is an exciting undertaking. You cannot deny that it is extremely complex, however. There are many challenges plaguing the move to a smart grid or forms of renewable energy.

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