So you want to be an entrepreneur!?

At Wednesday’s lecture for CIBC Presents Entrepreneurship 101, I looked out at an audience of several hundred people who all indicated with a show of hands that they wanted to form their own business – whether it be a consulting practice, a service company or a product based company.

While we do have our examples of successful entrepreneurs in Canada, creating your own company is not a common path that we chose to take – we tend to assume that we’ll work for an existing company rather than creating our own.

This audience was clearly special — and I’d like to ask you, the Entrepreneurship 101 community: what is it in your lives that has put you on the entrepreneurship path? Is it a family member example? A key teacher or mentor? A desire to get rich?

Please tell us what turned you on to the life of an entrepreneur!

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CIBC Presents Entrepreneurship 101 – Different Types of Entrepreneurship
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