Social tech needs some training?

Need some Social Tech Training?
At the recent Social Entrepreneurship Summit we told attendees about the many ways that we can all stay in touch: join the LinkedIn Group, post photos on Flickr, see the videos on Vimeo, read the blog, use Twitter, tags (ses08), etc.  Many attendees just glazed over at these terms – what are they talking about?

What is the social web and why do I need to dirty my hands in it?

Last year, SiG@MaRS (under the leadership of Jason Mogus at Communicopia), held the first ever Social Tech Training Session (STT) to help people better understand all this social technology. On the workshop’s site you will find conference proceedings, photos and videos – all great – but at the bottom you will also notice a new video posted by Artists Raising Consciousness (ARC). They are calling this an “advomentary”. It explains what the gathering was all about and why it’s so important for our social good enterprises to learn about social technology.

Please check it out, tell us what you think, and get ready – STT09 is under development. You may find that your social tech nose needs a little tuning too.