Social Tech Training: Free keynote lectures!

Social Tech Training, running from June 22-24 at MaRS, has already sold out. But for those who are missing it, you’re in luck! There’s still space available at the free keynote lecture, “People powered politics,” on June 22, 2008 at 7:30pm.

Join founder and Executive Director Ricken Patel who will share his secrets on how he built the world’s largest online advocacy organization, with 3.3 million active members (320,000 in Canada!), in just over a year.

Avaaz connects people across borders to bring “people powered politics” to international decision-making. Using technology and the internet to mobilize people, Avaaz:

  • Helped transform the Bali climate change negotiations
  • Produced ads to sway public opinion towards peace in the Middle East
  • Was responsible for the world’s fastest growing online petition in support of Tibetan independence.

Ricken will be joined by Jon Warnow, who helped create one of the most successful global warming campaigns of 2007: Step It Up. Jon will share his tips for success in a world where organizing has changed from rigid hierarchies to radical transparency.

Please RSVP to or through Facebook: