Startups need to find connections & build a network

Startups need to find connections & build a network

Entrepreneurs come to MaRS hoping we can be a connector for them. After all, it’s hard to make key connections if you’re stuck building your business in your parents’ basement.

MaRS offers a range of connections for entrepreneurs:

  • We connect startups to other like-minded entrepreneurs, helping them get relevant feedback and advice on what’s working and not working with their business.
  • We also connect them to early customers, and potentially corporates, who can help bring in early revenue and identify what’s working from a proof-of-concept standpoint.
  • We offer key connections to the investor community, so entrepreneurs can tap into early investors that can give them growth capital.
  • And we connect them to talent, so they can evolve their business and bring in the right people at every stage of growth.

Beyond offering connections, MaRS also encourages collaboration among the greater entrepreneurship community by organizing hundreds of large-scale events throughout the year, so startups can quickly tap into what’s happening in the city and where can they get involved.

Watch this video to learn more: