Sustainable economic development, anyone?

Support for small- and medium-sized enterprises is critical to the success of any economy. But long-term, sustainable success requires support and investment in enterprises that will generate not only economic profitability, but also social development and environmental sustainability.

The newly launched MaRS Centre for Impact Investing is hosting an introductory pitch session on December 14th

MaRS has a history of enabling local economic success by creating opportunities for homegrown entrepreneurs to connect with new funding sources. The newly launched MaRS Centre for Impact Investing is continuing this tradition by hosting an introductory pitch session on December 14th for its social entrepreneur clients in need of strategic support and investment capital.

Operating in a blended value space, these clients have created business solutions for tackling social injustices and/or environmental degradation, offering the potential for double or triple bottom line returns.

Part of the two-day 2011 Social Finance Forum, this closed-door pitch session showcases social purpose businesses, co-operatives and funds representing equity and/or debt investment opportunities, as well as not-for-profit organizations seeking loans and bridge financing.

In the session, select social ventures get 10 minutes each to pitch to accredited investors, highlighting:

  • Their business model and the impact they are seeking to achieve
  • The unique value proposition of their enterprise
  • The potential investment opportunity for interested investors

Audience space at this session is restricted to accredited institutional, high net worth and angel investors who wish to learn more about impact investing and identify high-potential social venture investment opportunities.

Sound like you? Then please register to attend the session and help create local, sustainable, economic development.