Synaptop’s beta encourages “collaboration on the Cloud”

Synaptop’s beta encourages “collaboration on the Cloud”
Your computer: In the Cloud

Introducing Synaptop – a Toronto-based company with a feature-rich platform that plans to change the way millions of online users use the Internet for work, study and play. Through innovative, patented technologies, Synaptop introduces a brand new concept – a collaboration-enabled online operating system.

I like to call it: “collaboration on the Cloud.”

Essentially, Synaptop is comprised of these core feature applications:

  1. Media Player Find any song or artist in the cloud, listen  with your friends and create playlists.
  2. Video – Video and text chat live with your contacts, imported from facebook and contact book.
  3. Synapnet™ – Browse  the Internet and use your bookmarks from anywhere, or browse the Internet with someone else and take a tour of the web with friends.
  4. Sketch – Draw  on the same canvas as your contacts, use as a whiteboard, play tic-tac-toe or collaborate on an art piece.
  5. Chat – Chat with your contacts and even translate your incoming messages on the fly. Suddenly, you have your very own built-in translator.
  6. Synapshow – Walk your contacts through documents. Give presentations online.

It really is amazing what you can do on the Cloud. It’s amazing what you can do with Synaptop. I personally love the Media Player, which allows you to find virtually any song or artist you desire, including those from the Billboard Top 100.

To learn more about Synaptop, register for the beta, play around and help them by reporting any bugs you find. Most importantly, have fun and invite as many of your friends as possible.

Get more on Synatptop at:

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