Technology centres unite!

Singapore: Asia’s technopolis

MaRS Discovery District is now an affiliate member of the Singapore-based Technology Transfer Network (TTN).

The TTN is a newly-formed collaborative alliance of technology transfer organizations created to enhance the effectiveness of technology transfer to industry. The network’s vision is to enhance, expand and equip technology transfer activities worldwide.

Technology Transfer Network (TTN) aims to:

  1. Share of expertise and experience through regular meetings of TTO professionals
  2. Overall IP portfolio management through proactive IP cluster mapping and bundling

Expand market reach and penetration through:

  1. Collaborative marketing activities, and
  2. Technology Advisory Services to SMEs

Equip TTO professionals with the necessary skills and capabilities with a systematic training program.

Members of the network include:

Asia (founding members): Nanyang Technopreneurship Center of the Nanyang Technological University of Singapore, Nanyang Polytechnic, Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Republic Polytechnic, Singapore Polytechnic and Temasek Polytechnic

North America: UC Irvine Office of Technology Transfer, CONNECT, Global CONNECT, MaRS, Technology Transfer Tactics

MaRS is a staunch supporter of international collaborations and in 2006 was the host of the Global CONNECT conference – another TTN member organization.

It is rare to find a geographic locale that has all the elements in place to facilitate rapid and effective commercialization of innovative technologies. However, by bringing technology, research, IP, management talent and capital together across borders it is possible to rapidly develop higher value technology licenses.

MaRS looks forward to a long and fruitful membership of TTN and is excited to be part of a rapidly growing network of leading technology centres worldwide.