The ethanol debate

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Ontario Agri-Food Technologies President Gord Surgeoner recently appeared on the Business News Network show After Hours to talk about the CD Howe Institute’s July 2008 report, The Ethanol Trap: Why Policies to Promote Ethanol Fuel Need Rethinking (PDF), which suggests that there is no conclusive evidence to show that using ethanol reduces energy use or carbon output.

Surgeoner agrees that we should be having the ethanol debate, but believes that the report didn’t consider all of the factors associated with the controversial topic.

Surgeoner sheds some light on the breakdown of corn usage for ethanol production, discusses the importance of investment and continued innovation, and stresses the importance of individual efforts in reducing our carbon outputs.

To see the complete interview, click here and cue it up to the 11-minute mark.

Surgeoner’s appearance on BNN is a result of the MaRS Global Leadership Series event, Rising Food Prices: Global Dynamics and Canada’s Response, an event moderated by After Hours co-host Kim Parlee.