The future of medicine’s so bright

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Imagine a world where…

  • drugs work reliably
  • no one ever gets sick from their prescriptions
  • harmful properties are designed out of all new drugs
  • critically-ill patients entering the ICU expect a positive prognosis

Imagine too a world in which…

  • infectious disease outbreaks are contained long before they can spread
  • serious infections can’t gain a foothold, due to effective vaccination strategies
  • chronic viral diseases, such as AIDS and Hepatitis C, are easily cured
  • infectious diseases are no longer the world’s number one killer

Sound too good to be true? Ontario’s leading biomedical innovators are working to build such a world right now.

Through advances in drug discovery, treatment monitoring, patient tracking, molecular diagnostics, vaccine technology and public policy, we’re radically altering the way we fight diseases. And we’re ensuring radically better outcomes than previously imagined.

With the exciting themes of personalized medicine and infectious disease, this year’s MaRS Future of Medicine™ Annual Conference is set to be a winner!

Join us at MaRS on December 2nd and be part of the solution to the world’s most challenging medical problems!

What you’ll learn:

  • Breakthrough medical innovations
  • Exciting new approaches to drug discovery
  • Innovative paths in personalized medicine
  • Ontario’s response to the challenge of infectious disease

What you’ll do:

  • Expand your business with the MaRS Future of Medicine™ partnering forum
  • Meet decision makers from pharma, biotech and venture capital

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MaRS Future of Medicine™ Conference 2010 from MaRS Discovery District on Vimeo.