The Investment Accelerator Fund: Giving a funding boost to Ontario’s tech start-ups

Giving a boost to life sciences in Ontario

We’ve got $7-million for Ontario life sciences firms.

Got your attention? Since joining the Investment Accelerator Fund (IAF) in July, the most common question I’ve had from my contacts in the venture capital and angel investing world is: “Is the IAF going to be making new investments?” The answer I want everyone to hear is: “Yes!”

And now we’re in an even better position to boost Ontario-based private life sciences companies with this newly-announced fund.

It’s been a little over a month since I joined the IAF as Managing Director and it’s great to be back in my old early-stage investing network. I was a member of the IAF investment committee and always viewed the program as very important to early-stage investing in Ontario. Since joining the fund team and the MaRS organization I have come to appreciate the whole ecosystem we’re part of called the ONE. I’ve seen first-hand the energy that the IAF, MaRS and regional innovation centres bring when they work with together with early-stage companies. We’ve accelerated the business of several of our portfolio companies and provided the IAF a strong portfolio of investee companies. It’s my objective to continue to build on that foundation.

Our goal at the IAF is to help Ontario-based information technology, cleantech and life sciences firms bridge the early-stage funding gap. The capital is used to achieve meaningful milestones including market validation and revenue traction in order to attract follow-on financing or even acquisition interest. To date the majority of the IAF’s 34 investee companies have attracted additional capital to continue their growth paths. We hope to continue working with VCs and angels to help grow these exciting companies.

The new $7-million life sciences fund is a welcome addition to our funding capabilities and confirms again that the IAF is open for business.

Program information and eligibility criteria are detailed here and here (or download PDF-formats of the IAF and IAF for life sciences). If your company fits the criteria, fill out an application and let’s start talking!