The tech behind “the greenest hotel in North America”

The tech behind “the greenest hotel in North America”

“We can light up the whole building, inside and out, for less energy than a four-slice toaster”



“There is not one iota of luxury that anybody gives up for staying in this hotel”

Tom Rand is an an advisor for our Cleantech practice and a leader in the field of energy efficiency. He’s a partner in Planet Traveler, a turn-of-the-century Toronto building that has been retrofitted for energy efficiency and sustainability, with the ‘green’ architecture visible to guests without being intrusive.

As Tom details in the video above, Planet Traveler has been ‘greened’ in these four areas:

  • geothermal/heat transfer
  • photovoltaic electricity
  • solar thermal hot water
  • wastewater heat reclamation




Here’s a video on the origins of Planet Traveler.