Rank Steve Jobs’ most important innovations

Steve Jobs has been touted as the modern day Thomas Edison – for innovations that pushed creative, technological and aesthetic boundaries. Here are my top iSteve projects.


The iPhone was born into a world dominated by QWERTY keyboards, buttons and tactile feedback. Steve Jobs conceived of a device that could be controlled simply by touch and gesture. One that could seamlessly merge productivity, online connectivity, entertainment and, of course, telecommunications in one beautiful piece of metal and glass.


Released in 2001, the iPod resurrected Apple from near extinction, and brought the company storming back into the limelight. Jobs deemed existing digital music players too big and clunky with poor user interfaces. The iPod offered more storage space, better battery life and an innovative scroll wheel for an improved user experience. The snazzy white casing and headphones helped too


This one might have stumped you. Well to be fair, Siri was not entirely a Steve Jobs project. The technology was acquired by Apple in 2010 and was subsequently integrated into the upcoming iPhone 4S (announced two days ago). Siri is what can possibly be called an early iteration of artificial intelligence in a hand-held consumer product. It’s a voice-controlled application that performs seemingly unlimited commands within the iPhone iOS 5 infrastructure. The really exciting feature of this technology is its ability to study and understand the user and to adapt to their preferences over time.

Don’t agree with me? Rank your favorite iSteve innovations below.
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