Top ten “must-have” leadership ideas for Spring 2010

It’s three months into 2010 and renovation has begun on the house of Canadian business – through the halls one can hear the hammer of new projects underway and the honk of opportunity outside.

The recession may have darkened the halls of Canadian business, but the sunny promise of financial gain is getting brighter and the market is picking up once again.

April brings 2010 in full swing, but for businesses to gain momentum senior executives need to revamp outdated modes of thought and give rise to new and better ways of thinking.

To give leadership skills a spruce, consider the following “to do” list for business leaders:

The Top Ten “Must Have” Leadership Thinking Ideas for 2010:
1.    Focus on the things you enjoy and that are worthy of your time and talent.
2.    Maintain trust in your business by remaining both affordable and efficient.
3.    Quit sacrificing talent to save dollars.
4.    Constantly improve business processes and exercise confidence to shed unprofitable customers.
5.    Listen for more than 18 seconds.
6.    Don’t let the naysayers drain you. Technology advancement depends on a little risk and original concepts.
7.    Be an outlier by remaining fair, decisive, consistent and by showing appreciation.
8.    Invest in business relationships and networks. Virtual work is growing,  making networks more global and connections more vital.
9.    Recognize that “China is the new China” – The Far East is an important emerging market and will fund the continued profligate spending of the West.
10.    Understand the impact and intensity of information flow by following multi-channel trends and staying current with all media.

If 2010 is all about a fresh start, then business leaders would be wise to do spring cleaning  this year by starting with themselves.  By basing authority on the current climate, business leaders have the best chance for success.