Transformation: A rallying cry for the planet

Transformation: A rallying cry for the planet

Last month, MaRS opened its doors for Nuit Blanche and unveiled its groundbreaking interactive art exhibition, Transformation. Experienced by over 22,000 guests, the exhibition called for everyone to work together to save the planet.

Transformation is a sobering look at today’s greatest environmental threats, and a hopeful vision of a sustainable future. The interactive art installation highlighted the challenges and opportunities of the climate crisis, and showed how MaRS-supported ventures are leading the way.

Visitors waded through a 3D-projected river, stared upwards at a blazing sun, strolled through a 21st-century Eden, and listened to special contributions from author Margaret Atwood and Grammy-Award-winning producer Daniel Lanois.

“With this interactive exhibit, we hope to alert visitors to the sheer scale of the environmental crisis we’re facing, while informing them of the many creative solutions being developed by our innovation community to help address this complex issue,” said MaRS CEO Yung Wu.

If you missed Nuit Blanche at MaRS, we created an online experience that walks you through the installation.


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