Twelve Days of MaRSmas

As business at the MaRS Centre winds down for the holidays, we’re shifting into celebration mode.

Wondering what’s under our Christmas tree? Well, for the twelve days of MaRSmas, an angel investor gave to us…

12 months of innovating – the Times Magazine recaps the year in ideas

11 CECRs excelling MaRS Innovation receives $15M from Ottawa as one of 11 new Centres of Excellence for Commercialization and Research

10 tips for scrimping – ride out the economic downturn with Entrepreneur‘s ways to save for start-ups

9 groups community-building – Fast Company previews 2009’s top social enterprises

8 innovations inspiringThe Economist‘s annual Innovation Awards

7 million authors writing – MIT’s Technology Review thinks Wikipedia’s contributors redefine the meaning of truth; The Economist hands founder Jimmy Wales one of those awards

6 factoids soothing: Credit Suisse gives the FT reasons not to panic over the economy

5 million dollars financing: MaRS client Interface Biologics bucks market trends with a major investment round

4 exoplanets orbiting: planets in galaxies far away are ready for their closeups

3 gold medals gleaming: Canada finishes 14th in total medal haul at the Beijing Olympics

2 protons colliding: the Large Hadron Collider is almost operational

and a MaRSian in a red suit.

Wishing you a very merry holiday season from all of us at MaRS!