Two MaRS clients honoured with distinction at CIX 2010

Twenty of Canada’s most innovative companies presented at the Canadian Innovation Exchange (CIX) on Wednesday, but only three companies were honoured “with distinction”–and two of the winning companies were MaRS clients!

gShift Labs was honoured in the digital media category and GreenMantra Recycling Technologies took home the top honour in the clean technology category. Winners were chosen by an expert panel of industry leaders, who have a pretty good track record of recognizing great companies (case in point: CognoVision, a winner at CIX 2009, was just acquired by Intel).

gShift Labs helps companies improve their organic search results. It offers a search engine optimization (SEO) software platform that automates the professional services and reporting required in the organic SEO process. Organic search results are hard to control, but with gShift’s software, marketers and agencies can optimize an entire social web presence to use organic search results as a true marketing tactic that’s managed daily. gShift’s software also reports on a company’s position relative to competitors and allows for changes in SEO tactics.

GreenMantra uses a proprietary catalyst to convert waste plastics into high quality waxes, greases and polishes. The technology recycles all plastics with almost 100 per cent efficiency; GreenMantra has achieved complete and full recycling of all waste plastics.

MaRS’ advisory team helps companies like gShift and GreenMantra succeed via focused advisory services, mentoring, thought leadership, connections to the financial community and strategic networking. Are you an entrepreneur who could use some of these things? advisors

Congratulations gShift, GreenMantra and all the other companies that presented at CIX 2010!