U of T Research: Get the full story online

Want to find out about what’s happening in research in Toronto? The University of Toronto’s Experience Research site, which links the research communities of their three campuses, has recently undergone a fantastic redesign.

Along with this redesign comes volumes of information about U of T’s diverse research endeavors, including environment, health, science & technology and business.

The website quotes Professor R. Paul Young, Vice-President, Research, about the great strides the University of Toronto’s research community is making:

“The discovery of insulin. ‘The medium is the message.’ 10 Nobel Prizes. The University of Toronto has a rich research history. Today, our research endeavour is a formidable force, spanning three campuses and ten partner hospitals. Thousands of faculty members and students are at work tackling society’s pressing problems.”?

What I like most about the site is that it makes it fun to read about the research being conducted at U of T. For example, read about physicist Dick Peltier’s powerful models that show what has happened to our climate over the past 600 million years — and, based on that information, what is likely to happen far into the future if we don’t change our environmentally-damaging ways.

You’ll also find sections for researchers interested in the commercialization process, as well as information about how their research is funded and a publications section filled with annual reports and links to the magazines published by the university.