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Worms and sugar: A bad combination
Worms and sugar: A bad combination

I’m guessing you answered “yes.”

You already know to watch your diet, exercise frequently, manage stress, avoid smoking, floss your teeth, live in Okinawa, etc. — but now comes the big one!

Scientists have shown that adding 2% glucose to the culture medium of the worm C. elegans reduces their lifespan.  How much are we talking about here?  Was it by 3%?  How about 5%?  Maybe 8%?  No – the reduction in lifespan was 20%!

Read more about this research here.

You may say, quite reasonably, that humans and worms are very different, but C. elegans is commonly used a model organism for human disease.  Also, it is worth considering the percentage of our diets that are based on refined sugars – especially those hidden in foods. 2% may be on the low side in many cases.

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