Step It Up: Catch the keynote from Social Tech Training

Catch Jon Warnow’s keynote

If you missed Social Tech Training (STT), presented by MaRS and Web of Change, you still have a chance to view Jon Warnow’s keynote speech. STT brought together the best and brightest in the social media sector, who addressed the important issues about creating social change through the web.

Jon Warnow discussed Step It Up in his keynote presentation, a movement intended to help prevent global climate change. Warnow, and others formerly part of a campus group fighting climate change, wanted to convey a simple message through Step It Up: the reduction of carbon emissions by 80% by 2050. Find out in the video how they harnessed the power of social media to give this message form and meaning.

The best way to convey their climate change message seemed to be through the web, which has the capacity to connect people by time, story, and visualization (i.e. Flickr, YouTube). In creating a web site able to harness social media, and by creating social networks, they envisioned worldwide participation in the Step It Up movement.

The end result: 1400 actions around the world; actions whereby people made the movement uniquely their own, along with lots of press coverage. Later, to their surprise, some political leaders reiterated their message in campaigns, demonstrating that through social media it is possible to dissolve barriers of political participation.

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John Warnow – People Powered Politics

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