Why your employees are magnets for new talent

Why your employees are magnets for new talent

The employees who refer the most job candidates to you for consideration are your “talent magnets.” These people are brand ambassadors — and the more of them you can mobilize to help with recruiting new talent the better.

Case study – Bianca Lopes, owner and VP of strategic marketing and global alliances at BioConnect

Bianca Lopes has a head-spinning schedule. If you Google her you’ll find everything from her Twitter account to her interview with Notable Life as their “Notable Young Entrepreneur”. We don’t really know how she finds time to eat or sleep. Bianca’s online and offline presence drive interest in BioConnect and the field of bioidentity and authentication more broadly.

The payoff: Bianca recently did the Demo of the Month at TechTO with some of her team members. They sourced two developers as a result of this event.

Top tips:

  • Identify the Bianca Lopeses in your organization: those employees who are interested in being ambassadors for your company. Based on their interests and skills, you could involve them in events such as trade shows, panels or presentations; have them write or share company content such as blogs or tweets; or get them to source and interview new recruits.
  • Train these employees to be the best ambassadors possible. For example, if they are writing content for your company, then offer an in-house writing course to ensure they are well equipped to do so. All ambassadors should also be trained storytellers: they should be able to tell the story of your company and why potential candidates should join it, as well as their own career stories.

Driving new recruits and new business can sometimes fall to the talent you’ve already taken the time to hire, or your clients who often have their own following too. Stats show that employees like Bianca are a more credible source of business info and have more influence on potential candidates than the companies they work for.