Areas of Focus

Our startups develop solutions in areas such as:

AI, data and analytics

Machine learning tools to better engage with customers and increase revenue.

Alternative finance

Novel lending, credit, mortgage and investment tools for businesses and consumers.

Cybersecurity and digital identity

Identity verification and safe transaction tools that protect personal information.


Technologies that are revolutionizing on-demand insurance and risk management.

Online and mobile retail

Tailored shopping solutions for on-the-go purchases and improved customer engagement experiences.

Payments and remittance

Cloud-based platforms and blockchain solutions that enable fast, secure payments anywhere in the world.

Our Ecosystem

The MaRS Fintech ecosystem consists of entrepreneurs, investors, scientists, policy makers, corporates and world-renowned research institutions.

Programs and Services

Our range of high-value offerings help the innovation community grow and succeed.

Our Team
Michelle Peng Greenberg

Michelle Peng Greenberg

Director, Ecosystem, Fintech

Michelle Peng Greenberg

Michelle Peng Greenberg is the Director of Ecosystem for MaRS Fintech.

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