About the Bell 5G MEC Accelerator

Bell, in partnership with MaRS Discovery District, is accelerating adoption of next-generation technologies to drive the future of wireless products and services. Together we are providing a unique platform for helping startups realize the full potential of their market solutions through 5G and Multi-Edge Computing (MEC).

About the Bell 5G MEC Accelerator

Enabling Real-World Breakthrough Innovations

We help optimize wireless innovations.

Bell’s 5G and MEC capabilities advance wireless products and services, increasing the potential of startups focused on wireless innovations.

We bridge the gap to commercialization.

Bell connects startups to its networks and resources to initiate opportunities for product testing and commercial launch.

We enable scaling innovations.

With Bell’s 5G network, the accelerator provides a free 5G and MEC-enabled test bed located within 200 kilometres of Toronto’s CN tower for demonstrating startup’s applications.

Enabling Real-World Breakthrough Innovations

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Interested in knowing more about how Bell can help you? See below some projects where Bell helped other startups with their 5G MEC applications.

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