The purpose of business

We believe business is a crucial and powerful partner in tackling society’s most complex challenges — that profit and purpose are inextricably linked, meaning as a business grows and succeeds, societal outcomes improve.

In practice, that means moving beyond traditional CSR, and engaging business to put societal purpose at the core of their work. B4PN’s multi-year strategy aims to galvanize Canadians so that our current economy can become a purpose-based economy, where, according to University of Oxford professor Colin Mayer, the purpose of business is “producing profitable solutions to the problems of people and planet, and not profiting from creating problems.”

The purpose of business


Catalyze, connect, amplify

We connect changemakers across sectors who are building capacity to help organizations move from noble intention to purposeful action.

B4PN builds the case for societal purpose in business by:

  • Conducting and supporting research
  • Creating awareness and educating stakeholders
  • Supporting the development of enabling policy
  • Encouraging the adoption and scale of best practices
  • Mobilizing and shifting resources

We are seeking to engage people and organizations from across sectors, to catalyze, connect, and amplify more purpose-driven work resulting in better business and better societal outcomes.

Catalyze, connect, amplify

While the B4PN is no longer active at MaRS, the good work continues on through a vibrant and active network.

We invite you to connect with the Purpose Economy Project to join those efforts.