Among many services, our key offerings include:

Data collection and analytics

  • Tracking the socioeconomic progress of Ontario’s innovation community.

Research and insights

  • Conducting research, and preparing reports and recommendations to optimize businesses, government agencies and systems.

Impact evaluation

  • Helping organizations measure their socioeconomic impact and create value.

Among many services, our key offerings include:

Products helping people

Employment Pathway Platform

This opportunity and guidance tool helps workers facing job disruption. By assessing skills and identifying support systems, the tool helps users make choices as they start or transition careers.

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Products helping people


Through our work, we strive to promote:

Inclusive innovation

Leveraging Canada’s diverse population to tackle real problems for real people.

Company success

Helping tech companies and corporations grow the economy and solve societal challenges.

Regional growth

Advancing Ontario’s status as a global leader in innovation and job creation.

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