Growth marketing and sales programming

Mastering Growth series

Get advice from other tech founders. In peer-to-peer sessions, webinars, office hours and more, you’ll learn about crucial business strategies like brand positioning, analytics and customer behavioral psychology,. You’ll also have access to valuable case studies and results from successful ventures in the MaRS community.

Grow Camp

Grow Camp takes place each year in February and March. It’s an intensive and immersive six-day experience that provides entrepreneurs access to the latest tools, resources and methodologies in an intimate setting.

Mastering Growth series

Growth marketing slack team

Connect with over 300 other entrepreneurs and corporates from fast-growing companies. You also get exclusive access to upcoming events, talent acquisition opportunities and MaRS growth partnership programs.

Masters of Growth series

Hear from founders across each of our four sectors on how they overcame the challenges of going to market, hiring for growth and developing processes that scale. It’s a rare behind-the-scenes look into how these founders successfully grew their companies.

Growth marketing slack team


The MaRS ecosystem on Growth Programming

“From marketing to business development, MaRS Growth Programming helped us grow faster than we could imagine.”

– Gimmy Chu, CEO, Nanoleaf

“These programs are like growth therapy. MaRS provided me with the resources to take our company to the next level.”

– Austin Pantaleo, marketing manager, Lendified

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