Canada has a productivity growth issue we can't afford to ignore

Economic researchers proclaimed that out of 38 advanced countries, Canada will have the worst-performing economy over the next 40 years (2020-2060), achieving the lowest growth in real GDP per capita — the most important measure of overall prosperity. Canada’s inability to increase GDP is due to the lack of meaningful gains in labour productivity.

There’s good news, however. Research shows that increasing technology capabilities have a positive impact on productivity and significantly drives GDP and economic growth.

MaRS presents the Roadmap to Digital Transformation series

For many organizations, cutting through the noise in order to leverage emerging technology can be challenging. In fact, nearly 70 percent of digital transformation efforts fail.

That’s why MaRS launched the Roadmap to Digital Transformation Series.
By combining business and technological acuity, this series identifies how organizations can incorporate emerging tech solutions to tackle Canada’s productivity problem, while also providing a competitive advantage. For investors, it is critical to understand these shifts as they signal where demand will likely reside in the future.

Through panels, roundtables and peer-to-peer discussions, participants will hear from subject matter experts, investors, corporate executives and founders who have successfully scaled, invested or built technologies that eliminate barriers to productivity, including artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, quantum computing, cloud and more.

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Who should attend?

  • Organizations looking to adopt emerging technologies that can advance strategic priorities and boost success in the global market.
  • Investors looking to learn about the investment landscape, particularly where demand is likely to reside in the future, and where the new sources of innovation and disruption will come from.