How is MaRS involved?

As partner of the Supply AI program, MaRS supports a cohort of up to 12 eligible venture companies applying AI to supply chains, providing them with hands-on advice, mentorship, market insights and subject matter expertise, along with marketing opportunities and critical connections to capital, talent and customers. 

MaRS aims to empower the next generation of global leaders in supply chain AI technologies, as well as educate the tech ecosystem on the economic potential of AI in supply chain and manufacturing.

Participant benefits

Selected companies will participate in a six-month program and will receive access to the following benefits, over and above the existing MaRS Growth Services offerings: 

  • Business advisory services
  • Capital and talent intensive programs
  • Market intelligence insights and services
  • AI/ML consulting services
  • PR and creative services
  • Participation in the MaRS Supply AI event series and demo days to connect with prospective customers and investors, as well as access to sessions and events exclusive to the Supply AI cohort
  • Opportunity to connect and network with peers and access to mentors in the Supply AI industry


Program eligibility criteria

The following criteria will be applied to determine if an applicant (also referred to as a Venture) is eligible for the Program:

  • The Venture must be:
    • Incorporated, based and operating in Canada
    • Focused on applied AI and intelligent supply chain products and/or services
    • Less than two years old, or employing fewer than 500 globally (including its affiliates) or has had an average annualized revenue growth rate of greater than 20 percent over the past three years
    • An existing MaRS Growth Services venture company at the time of application, or part of and referred by an incubator, accelerator or other entrepreneurial program within Canada

*Ventures selected for the program agree to join the MaRS portfolio

  • Venture must be at the validation stage, have developed a minimum viable product (MVP) and able to demonstrate evidence that their technology solves a real problem for an identified market or is at the efficiency stage, experiencing initial traction in a receptive-enough market to build a business in

*Venture stage definitions were adopted from the following article

  • Venture must fall under one of the industry sectors and supply chain categories outlined in the application form 
  • Venture must demonstrate evidence of customer interest and traction

Program objectives

  • Support the next generation of global leaders working in supply chain AI technologies
  • Attract venture capital and investment to the supply chain AI sector
  • Encourage top talent to work at supply chain AI startups
  • Educate the tech ecosystem on the economic potential of AI in supply chain and manufacturing
  • Continue venture support after completion of program through MaRS Growth Services

Applications are now open for the third Supply Chain AI at MaRS Acceleration Program. Applications close on March 2, 2023

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Participating Supply AI ventures

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