Employment Pathway Platform

With support from Google.org, MaRS is creating the Employment Pathway Platform, a job opportunity and career guidance tool to help people make new choices and identify the supports that can help them to be more successful.

Built for people facing job disruption, the tool will be particularly useful for youth entering the workforce, people in industries being disrupted, and those making career transitions. The platform will assess an individual’s skills and then identify the training and support needed to bridge opportunities across industries and career categories, given the changing nature of work.


Download the report.


Up to the Task: Toward a pathways model for enabling Canada’s workforce transition

Up to the Task, the EPP’s accompanying report, outlines the economic context of the platform; explains the need for employment pathways; and details the methodology used to build those pathways. Together, the report and pathways provide the basic information one needs when making informed decisions about job transitions and the future of work. Download the report.


Pathways Demo

The Employment Pathway Platform helps individuals navigate the future of work by providing access to the information and support they need to build viable, lifelong careers. This demo displays what 3 possible career pathways towards roles at a lower risk of automation could look like. Click the image below or this link to view the demo.


To learn more, please read our press release and blog post.

For more information, contact Melissa Smith.