We offer a range of services that can help you take your business to the next level, all at no cost to you. When you become a MaRS venture client, based on your venture’s stage of development, you gain access to:

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Our screening process and tiered services model

We work with high-impact, growth-oriented startups.

Using key success indicators, we’ve developed screening criteria that help determine the critical services and resources that your venture needs based on its current stage of development, as outlined in our tiered services model below.

Throughout this process, we typically encounter startups that are striving to achieve one of three key milestones: determining problem-solution fit; validating product-market fit; or driving growth.

The screening criteria in our tiered services & screening model includes the following: team, product, market, intellectual property and traction


Our advisors are all established entrepreneurs with global reach. They offer expert advice and industry insights on a range of topics, including:  business and product development, financing and capital structure, corporate strategy, marketing and go-to-market strategy, and pitching.
MaRS Venture Services offers tailored advice and support at each of the key milestones in our tiered services model:

  • Problem/solution fit: Early-stage ventures benefit from the peer networking and constructive learning offered in our seminars and workshops. Check out our Entrepreneurship 101 course series and Entrepreneur’s Toolkit Workshops.
  • Product/market fit: Ventures looking to validate their minimum viable product and get customer feedback can participate in collaborative, hands-on, strategic working sessions with sector specialists.
  • Driving growth: Ventures that are starting to get market traction can regularly engage with a team of industry advisors and specialists in one-to-one advisory sessions.


Connections are essential for venture growth. Our team of industry insiders provides referrals, introductions and key pitch opportunities for qualified ventures. Through our network, we offer access to funders, customers, partners and talent. To read about some of our key partners, see our Partners page.

Social innovation ventures

Social innovation is embedded in everything we do at MaRS. If your venture falls within one of our three sectors and you also identify a social purpose, a member of our social innovation team may be able to help you advance your social mission. We encourage you to arrange this additional consultation with your intake advisor.

Market intelligence

MaRS offers Ontario entrepreneurs access to current, relevant and timely information about their industries, competitors, markets, potential investors and partners, intellectual property and best business practices — all at no cost.

All of our services are provided by information specialists and industry analysts with expertise in IT, software, telecommunications, biotech, cleantech, pharmaceuticals and healthcare.

Accessing market intelligence

You can access our services through an Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs organization near you. To access our services in Toronto, you must first apply to become a MaRS client.

Note: For further information, see our Services, Restrictions & FAQs.

Market intelligence databases

Through our databases we provide access to market research from leading firms, giving you insight and analysis of markets in Canada, the United States and abroad. Databases in which we have limited access are denoted with an asterisk (*).

  • BCC Research  Multiple Sectors — industry overview, market forecasts, competitor listing
  • Bloomberg New Energy Finance Cleantech — investment data, modelling, market sizing, industry trends, news, company data
  • Capital IQ  Investment — company financials, deal flow, investor targets, and market trends
  • Cleantech Group LLC  Cleantech — company information, deal flow, IPOs, mergers and acquisitions, and initial public offerings, by regions
  • comScore, Inc Information and communications technology (ICT) — web and mobile measurements
  • Datamonitor Healthcare  Life Sciences — drug, epidemiology, strategy, company, and disease information
  • eMarketer Inc.  ICT — digital marketing, media and commerce
  • Forrester Research Inc. – ICT — best practices, surveys, case studies, forecasts and trends
  • Freedonia – Multiple Sectors — industry trends and industry overview
  • Frost & Sullivan – Multiple sectors — industry overview, worldwide and regional forecasts
  • Gartner, Inc.* – ICT — hype cycle, key issues, market share and trends
  • GlobalData – Life Sciences — therapeutics, medical devices
  • GTM Research* – Cleantech — grid edge: smart grid and intelligent energy.
  • IBISWorld* – Multiple sectors — United States industry research
  • IDC*  ICT — worldwide and regional forecasts, vendor shares, best practices and taxonomy
  • ktMINE – Multiple sectors — royalty rates
  • Medtrack – Life sciences — deal flow, mergers and acquisitions, company profiles, drug pipelines and clinical trials
  • Navigant Research* – Cleantech — utility innovation and building energy intelligence
  • Thomson Innovation Patent search