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MaRS Market Intelligence gives Ontario entrepreneurs access to premium market research resources and services at no cost - all provided by information specialists and industry analysts with expertise in information technology, software, telecommunications, biotech, cleantech, pharmaceuticals and healthcare.

Through market intelligence, MaRS clients receive current, relevant and timely information about their industries, competitors, markets, potential investors and partners, intellectual property and best business practices.

Accessing market intelligence

You can access MaRS market intelligence services through any of the Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs organization near you. To gain access to our services in Toronto, you must first apply to become a client of MaRS advisory services.

While MaRS market intelligence provides eligible entrepreneurs and startups in Ontario with premium resources and services at no cost, there are some restrictions and limitations as to what is provided. Please read the Market Intelligence Services, Restrictions and FAQs (PDF) document for full details.

Through our databases we provide access to market research from leading firms, giving you insight and analysis of markets in Canada, the United States and abroad. Databases in which we have limited access are denoted with an asterisk (*).

See Services, Restrictions and FAQs > (PDF)


Sector coverage & unique offerings

  • Multiple Sectors—industry overview, market forecasts, competitor listing

  • Investment—company financials, deal flow, comparables, valuation data, and market trends

  • Cleantech—deal flow, venture capital, mergers and acquisitions, and initial public offerings, by regions

  • Information and communications technology (ICT)—web and mobile measurements

  • Life Sciences—drug, epidemiology, strategy, company, and disease information

  • ICT—digital marketing, media and commerce

  • ICT—best practices, surveys, case studies, forecasts and trends

  • Multiple sectors—industry overview, worldwide and regional forecasts

  • ICT—hype cycle, key issues, market share and trends

  • Life Sciences—medical devices, clinical trials, procedures

  • Cleantech—news and research on green technology and the cleantech movement

  • Life Sciences—data and analytics for healthcare organizations, and healthcare IT companies (Canada and US data available)

  • Multiple sectors—United States industry research

  • ICT—worldwide and regional forecasts, vendor shares, best practices and taxonomy

  • Life Sciences—biotechnology, diagnostics, healthcare, medical devices & pharma

  • Life sciences—deal flow, mergers and acquisitions, company profiles, drug pipelines and clinical trials

  • Cleantech—analysis of the global cleantech industry

  • Multiple sectors—royalty rates

  • Cleantech & Advanced Materials—energy & resources, manufacturing & construction, materials & chemicals, transportation & shipping

  • Patent search

  • Life sciences—intellectual property, company profiles, drug information and clinical trials


Blending primary and secondary market intelligence, MaRS Market Insights reports address technology innovation, market needs, and other economic and political issues across various industries, specifically in the context of Ontario companies.

Featured reports

Startup Library

Created by the experts at MaRS market intelligence, the Startup Library is a curated collection of resources that will enable entrepreneurs to answer common market research questions.

Featured content

MaRS Market Insights is an event series held at the MaRS Centre in Toronto.

Each event offers a 360-degree perspective on the latest market trends, opportunities and challenges, delivered by industry stakeholders, including analysts, executives and entrepreneurs.

Registration is required to attend MaRS Market Insights events.

All events are held at:
MaRS Discovery District
101 College Street, Toronto

Past Market Insights events

    Advanced client services

    MaRS is in the process of refining its advanced client services offerings. Please contact MaRS Market Intelligence for more details on the following services:

    How to structure secondary
    market research

    How to structure
    primary market research

    How to determine
    market size

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