SPARQ Systems announced today $11 million in funding that will go toward supporting its microinverter technology. Microinverters convert power produced from solar panels into electricity that can be used by the grid. Led by ArcTern Ventures, the funding will go toward supporting the company’s latest uQuad microinverter.

uQuad is the world’s first 4-in-1, 1,000-watt residential microinverter that independently optimizes power from up to four solar modules. “We saw an opportunity to take a completely different approach in microinverter design using ideas from power electronics, space and telecom fields. The result is the next generation in microinverters,” said Dr. Praveen Jain, chief technology officer of SPARQ. The company’s software-based system also allows users to track performance in real time to ensure that the solar system is operating at peak efficiency.

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Jelena Djurkic

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