Living in Stratford, I often get asked why I spend so many hours a week commuting into Toronto to work at MaRS Discovery District. It’s a very simple answer, really.

No two days are ever the same at MaRS. The people that you meet, the dialogues that you get to be a part of, the inspirations that can be found at every turn. I feel as though the MaRS Centre is a magnet for the province’s best and brightest, and if the pictures below are any indicator, you can easily see just how compelling the conversations are and why the commute is so easy to take.

Today alone, we have three completely different, but equally compelling events happening at MaRS. First, the Health IT Forum:

Peter Adams welcoming the participants of the Health IT Forum
The focus of the Health IT Forum


Some of the issues being tackled at the Health IT Forum
...and more of the issues being tackled at the Health IT Forum


What collaboration looks like...


Then, a sneak peek at the judging going on to choose the first cohort of the JOLT Accelerator, which will be announced June 25, 2012:

The JOLT Network judging entries for the first cohort.


The JOLT Network judging entries for the first cohort.

And finally, another sneak peek at some of the innovations that are being showcased from June 7 to 13 as part of the Future of Energy Summit 2012, which takes place June 8, 2012 at MaRS:

Morgan Solar


MMB Networks
Hydrostor's Accumulator

So, as you can see. Three totally different conversations happening today at MaRS, but all housed under the same roof.

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Karen Schulman Dupuis

Karen Schulman Dupuis was the manager of business development in the ICT sector at MaRS. She has worked with startups and entrepreneurs for 15 years in information and communications technology, and brings together years of practical experience in the fields of sales, education, operations, business analysis, project management and marketing communications to tell compelling stories and generate results. See more…