Can you keep a secret? Like your IP?

IP comes in many forms: it can be a formula, program, device, a business process or information.  As tempting as it is – don’t share your idea with the world: you want to keep it a secret.

In this week’s Entrepreneurship 101 lecture, Arshia Tabrizi summarizes the pros and cons of intellectual property in a concise and straightforward manner. He also answers the questions How do I get IP? How do I keep it? And how do I use it?

Watch the lecture video to learn what you need to know about:

  1. Non-disclosure agreements
  2. Patents
  3. Copyright
  4. Trademarks

Need help figuring out how intellectual property fits into your overall business model? Make use of the resources below to properly exploit your innovations. Avoid making common mistakes by watching this Hot Tips video.

Downloads and Resources:

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