Focus on your customer first

Focus on your customer first

We’re all busy. So much so that it’s sometimes easy to forget our number 1 priority: the customer. The importance of managing customer service is crucial to your company’s success and can have a remarkable effect on its reputation.

At October’s MaRS Best Practices session, Mike Rossi and Mohsen Hadianfard, co-founders of Sweet Tooth, introduced entrepreneurs to the secrets of building a customer service strategy that will fuel growth. Based in Waterloo, Ontario, Sweet Tooth is the world’s most flexible e-commerce rewards system, offering multi-channel loyalty and rewards programs to customers. The startup has experienced strong growth since it was established in 2009 and recently secured $2.25 million in funding.

Aimed at startups, Mike and Mohsen’s presentation covered the importance of customer service as a culture and how identifying the right channels will build a strong reputation for your company.

Mike and Mohsen highlighted the following strategies to deliver exceptional customer service:

  1. Build a team culture
  2. Establish process
  3. Stand behind your brand
  4. Respond quickly and follow up
  5. Get to know your customers

They expand on each of these tips in this five-minute Hot Tips for Startups video.

The number 1 secret to a successful customer service strategy is to get started early. Watch the lecture video to find out how.

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