How to select your A-Team

How to select your A-Team

With limited access to resources, startups have to be careful when making hiring decisions. Growing your team is a significant business decision that should not be taken lightly, as the cost of hiring the wrong person can be significant to your company’s bottom line.

So how do you find the right candidate, someone who will drive results for your startup?

At our most recent MaRS Best Practices session, Mario Laudi and Kristina McDougall of The Laudi Group, a successful executive search firm serving Ontario software companies, joined us to discuss recruiting for startups. Their presentation covered the foundations of smart hiring, including crafting powerful interview questions, conducting the selection process and tactics for marketing your company to attract the best employees.

Mario and Kristina highlight the following strategies for selecting your A-team.

  1. Read people, not resumés.
  2. Consider integrity and motivation as prerequisites.
  3. Look for passion.
  4. Seek chemistry to strengthen your team.
  5. Hire for the long term.

They expand on these strategies further in this five-minute Hot Tips for Startups video:

For more on hiring the right candidates for your business, watch the full lecture: Hiring and the Art of Selection: How to hire employees who drive results, innovation and profit.

The presentation slides can be found here.

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