Marketing programs that win

Marketing programs that win

In this day and age it has become harder and harder to get your product or service in front of prospects. Social media, events, advertising, public relations—with all of these options available and more, you want to make sure that the money you are spending will bring the best return for your business.

At September’s MaRS Best Practices session, April Dunford, the founder of Rocket Launch Marketing, introduced entrepreneurs to the secrets of building and executing great startup marketing programs. April has spent her career working at and with a number of startups, helping them grow from early stage to acquisition.

Aimed at entrepreneurs, her presentation covered the essentials of a successful marketing plan and offered examples of how to execute, measure and improve these marketing programs.

April advises that the three key steps to setting the foundation for a great plan involve understanding your customer.

  1. Really understanding your customer
  2. Understanding how your customer views solutions
  3. Understanding your customer’s buying process

She expands on these tips in this five-minute Hot Tips for Startups video:

For more details on how the changes mentioned above could affect you, watch the full lecture:

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