Molecular Diagnostics: Fad or revolution?

Molecular Diagnostics: Colonic crypts
Molecular Diagnostics: Tools for medicine

The lightning speed of innovation and technology advances these days makes it hard not only to keep up with the changes in medical technologies, but also to understand which ones are relevant and still be around in the next ten years. Predicting these technology trends is crucial for start-ups, as well as for large biotech and medical device corporations, investors and governments.

As part of our newly launched “MaRS Market Insights” whitepapers series, we decided to take a look at the potential impact that the Molecular Diagnostics (MDx) can have in the delivery of health care, current challenges and the role that Ontario start-ups are playing in this space.

What we learned is that there are tremendous opportunities in using molecular diagnostics for improving the preventive side of health care through better screening, early diagnosis, therapy selection and therapy monitoring. We also had the chance to interview a number of Ontario MDx companies, with great business models, exciting technologies and inspiring visions.

Download the report now
Download the report now

So it is just fad or revolution? We’ll leave it up to you to decide…

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