ONE 4 all and all 4 ONE: Supporting you

ONE 4 all and all 4 ONE: Supporting you

Today the Honorable Glen Murray, Minister of Research and Innovation, is at MaRS to announce the addition of MaRS to the Ontario Network of Excellence (ONE).

ONE is a collaborative network of organizations across Ontario designed to help you commercialize your ideas. We’re supporting entrepreneurs, businesses and researchers to accelerate innovation and increase our competitive advantage in Ontario. MaRS is thrilled to deliver on this mission in the GTA!

Our network recognizes that collaboration is essential to success. For that reason, a number of local institutions, partnerships and exciting new ventures from Toronto are gathered at MaRS this morning to celebrate the announcement and share their stories with visitors — telling the world what’s going on in Toronto.

Find out more about the people and organizations who make Ontario’s innovation economy sing.

MaRS is proud to support the following companies participating at the launch:

Bitstrips Inc. developed the world’s best online comics website,, where anyone can become a cartoonist without having to draw a single line. Bitstrips’ amazing tools make it fun and easy to create and share original comic strips starring cartoon versions of friends and family.

InGamer Sports is changing the way we experience live events. InGamer Sports fuses real-time gaming innovation with live sports, mobile and social networking to create an exciting new way to engage with live events and your friends.

Quantum Dental Technologies (QDT) has developed a revolutionary dental program, The Canary System. It completely integrates tooth decay management, from detection to treatment. QDT’s system enables early detection and prevention of tooth decay, one of the most prevalent diseases worldwide, using a novel method of measuring heat and reflected light from tooth surfaces. Their results reduce exposure to radiation and the number of invasive, painful procedures and lead to better oral health overall. This is the company that will, as Hon. Glen Murray, Minister of Research and Innovation, just said, eliminate the need for drills!

GreenMantra converts waste plastics into high quality waxes, greases and polishes. The environmentally sustainable process produces a wide range of commercial quality waxes well suited for polishes, paints and inks, rubber and tires, adhesives as well as paper and packaging. The company’s inexpensive, efficient and sustainable wax production process provides a cost advantage of up to 50% over conventional wax manufacturing.

Sustainable Energy Technologies designs and manufactures grid-tie solar photovoltaic inverters. The company has a proprietary low-voltage 5kW inverter which enables solar panels to be wired in parallel configuration improving system resiliency and power output. The company has announced installations in Germany, Spain, Greece and Ontario. Sustainable Energy Technologies won the 2008 Deloitte Canadian Technology Green Award and in 2010, the company was named one of the “TechRev Innovators of the Year”.

MaRS Innovation is a membership-based organization that seeks to monetize the research assets found within its member institutions, thereby converting great science into commercially viable products and services and making a significant contribution to Canada’s economic outlook and the quality of life of Canadians and others around the world. Featuring:

Structural Genomic Consortium is a non-profit organization that aims to determine the three dimensional structure of proteins of medical relevance and place them in the public domain without restriction. Featuring new venture:

Ontario Health Study (OHS) will be the biggest community-based health study ever done in Ontario and one of the biggest in the world. The OHS is a long-term study that will help us understand the causes, prevention and treatment of diseases such as cancer, heart disease, asthma and diabetes.

Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD) featuring:

Humber College featuring:

George Brown featuring:

Ryerson University and their Digital Media Zone featuring new ventures:

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