Selling for Entrepreneurs: Enroll in MaRS’ open online course

Selling for Entrepreneurs: Enroll in MaRS’ open online course

Ready to start generating leads for your startup? Want to boost your sales skills? Sign up to take our free online course, Selling for Entrepreneurs and get exclusive advice on how start selling. 

Last month, we published the last unit of the online course, Selling for Entrepreneurs. It’s our open course built for the MaRS Entrepreneur’s Toolkit and is part of our new suite of practical, on-demand lessons taught by established entrepreneurs and experts. We’re putting some of our most requested topics into the Collections section of the Entrepreneur’s Toolkit and offering a deeper dive into key subjects by creating short online courses you can access anytime, anywhere.

Offered in collaboration with Kevin Smith from The Story Architect, Selling for Entrepreneurs enables you to quickly get going selling your technology product and/or service and learn the sales process in order to start building traction and long-term customers.

Sales lessons designed specifically for startups

The lessons deliver a unique set of techniques, models and strategies designed specifically for startups. We provide lessons on how to make those crucial first sales and avoid common selling mistakes. Learn effective sales strategies to get referrals and generate repeat business.

Selling for Entrepreneurs consists of three units, running in total for two hours:

  1. Sales fundamentals
  2. Prospecting
  3. Qualifying opportunities and closing deals

Kevin guides you through the mechanics of selling, building credibility, handling objections from potential customers and getting commitments from prospects.

Discover what it takes to sell for your innovative company. Enroll for free in Selling for Entrepreneurs!

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