Three sales forecasting robots from MaRS

Three sales forecasting robots from MaRS

Do you have little or no experience in forecasting? Is your company just beginning sales activity? MaRS can help.

Three new Sales Forecasting workbooks are now available on the Entrepreneur’s Toolkit. The workbooks cover different situations: pre-revenue/pre-sales (2) and early-stage sales (1).

Forecasting is an important business activity and methodology that allows you to reasonably predict revenues. It enhances the efficiency of sales, marketing, and production. These workbooks will help you forecast at different stages in your company’s development.

Early-stage sales workbook: Building a B2B Sales Forecast

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One workbook is available on this topic. Click here to learn more.

Pre-revenue workbook 1: Bottom-up Forecasting

A method for calculating your company’s potential revenue for a specific period by multiplying the number of likely sales for each product or product line, the average value of sales, and when they are likely to occur.

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Pre-revenue workbook 2: Top-down Forecasting

A method for calculating your potential revenue by starting your assessment at a macro level to find market size and potential market growth, and then estimating your own revenue as a function of your assumed market share.

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A good workbook could use a good workshop, or three – Sept 21, 28, & Oct 5

Working through these workbooks all on your own can be a long, arduous process. To make the process of tracking your sales cycles and practicing sales calls easier, MaRS has developed the Entrepreneur’s Toolkit Workshop Series: The B2B Sales Process.

These workshops take a select group of entrepreneurs through the key activities in the Sales Workbooks in small, hands-on groups. They are free to MaRS clients, and to members of the Ontario Network of Excellence (ONE) across the Province. The first series takes place on Sept. 21, 28 and Oct. 5 in the Main Studio.

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