Your idea is credible, but can you make it understandable?

Your idea is credible, but can you make it understandable?
communication tools
Are these YOUR communication tools?

Why do I need business communication tools?

Business communication tools are necessary to solicit investment, send a clear message to partners, employees and customers and explain how your business works. Read on to learn how to create these communication tools and use them effectively to grow your business from an idea to a funded business.

According to MaRS Advisor Veronika Litinski, who spoke at the latest Entrepreneurship 101 lecture on Business Communication Tools , it is imperative to resonate with your audience and craft your message in a way that they can understand.  Be it investors or customers: speak to them in their own language. You want them to recognize key words so that they listen to you. The first step to doing this is creating an elevator pitch.

How do I get started on my elevator pitch?

Start with your pain point and finish with your value proposition – forget everything else its just elaboration. Article: Elevator Pitch.

What do I need to know about engaging investors?

“Investors only invest in companies that know their customers.” Consistent and continuous input from the customer is essential. Article: Investor engagement: Tools you need to raise money.

Veronika’s lecture will show you how to create and use YOUR toolkit. Her presentation is also filled with links to useful articles and templates in the Entrepreneur’s Toolkit.

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