Going Global Series – Energy Market Insights: Chile

This is the fifth instalment of the Going Global Series on international energy markets – published by the Advanced Energy Centre at MaRS Discovery District.

The Going Global report series provides a 360-degree view of the energy system in international priority markets for export-ready Canadian energy companies. The current report is an update on the previous Chile report published by the AEC providing a revision of the data and investigating newer drivers and trends. Chile is an exciting market, open to foreign innovation and a strong relationship with Canada. It is also one of the most exciting markets for renewable generation, with abundant untapped capacity, low prices for power purchasing agreements along with an easy business environment.

Hence, the report addresses considerations and is meant to help Canadian companies answer the following key questions:

  • Are our Canadian capabilities a good fit for the market?
  • What are the opportunities and barriers to doing business, and do the former outweigh the latter?

In this report you will find:

  • A discussion of the electricity market structure along with key stakeholders
  • Panorama of electricity sector in Chile (energy mix, main consumers, demand growth)
  • Discussions on security and quality of supply, business environment, environmental sustainability commitments
  • Opportunities in generation, transmission and distribution
  • Challenges and barriers expected in the market

Finally, we hope this report will provide you with valuable insights into the market and if you choose to further explore the opportunities, the AEC and EDC have more initiatives to support your efforts. Canadian companies interested in the Chilean market are invited to contact the AEC at advancedenergycentre@marsdd.com for more information.

Download the report