AEC Team

RON DIZY | Managing Director

Ron works with a diverse group of public and private sector partners to assist utilities, energy users and energy innovators to adopt new technologies faster. More about Ron | Email Ron

Kathleen GnocatoKATHLEEN GNOCATO | Manager, Product Design

Kathleen Gnocato manages the utility transformation program for the AEC. More about Kathleen | Email Kathleen

SASHA SUD | Senior Program Manager, Transportation and Energy, Data Catalyst

Sasha is leading the energy projects at MaRS Data Catalyst. More about Sasha | Email Sasha

Sarah MartinSARAH MARTIN | Manager, Partner Success

Sarah Martin is manager of partner success at the Advanced Energy Centre (AEC) at MaRS. In her role, Sarah works with the centre’s partners and key industry players to address the barriers to adopting innovation in the energy sector. More about Sarah | Email Sarah

Irene LamIRENE LAM | Associate

Irene is the Associate, Advanced Energy Centre at MaRS, working with MaRS Cleantech Venture Services, Advanced Energy Centre and ArcTern Ventures. More about Irene | Email Irene

Aisha BukhariAISHA BUKHARI | Senior Manager

Aisha is the Senior Manager leading the Energy Systems Practice for the Advanced Energy Centre at MaRS. More about Aisha | Email Aisha

Silene GomezSILENE GOMEZ | Manager

Silene is part of the Corporate Transformation team for the Advanced Energy Centre at MaRS. More about Silene | Email Silene

Max HickeyMAX HICKEY | Senior Associate

Max is a Senior Associate in Corporate Transformation for the Advanced Energy Centre at MaRS. More about Max | Email Max

Jayme NadolnyJAYME NADOLNY | Coordinator

Jayme is a Coordinator for the Advanced Energy Centre at MaRS. He also works with MaRS Cleantech Venture Services. More about Jayme | Email Jayme