Organizations, governments, and innovators all over the world recognize that [inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”@MaRSDD” suffix=”#futureofenergy”]innovation is required to address the complex challenges facing today’s energy sector[/inlinetweet]. Barriers to adopting innovative energy technologies are faced as universally as the challenges themselves. The Advanced Energy Centre, located at one of the world’s largest innovation hubs, is sharing its experiences in addressing barriers to adoption and is building capacity for other organizations to do the same.

Most recently, this took the shape of an agreement between the Advanced Energy Centre and Chile’s Centre for Innovation and Development of Sustainable Energy (CIFES). CIFES is the agency responsible for providing support to Chile in its design, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and promotion of publicly financed programs and projects seeking to facilitate energy innovation. The aim of this relationship is to share the Advanced Energy Centre’s experiences and methodology and, in doing so, enable the organization to deliver transformational projects in the energy sector. The Centre will deliver materials that illustrate its experience, provide market insights, highlight sector trends, and identify relevant innovative energy technologies available for market players’ needs.

This is one of many initiatives that the Advanced Energy Centre leads in order to drive transformational change. Please contact us if you are interested in exploring whether the Centre can help accelerate the pace of adopting innovation in your ecosystem.

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