Launched August 2013, the Microtainer series was created and curated by Satsuko VanAntwerp of Social Innovation Generation. The MaRS Solutions Lab is excited to take on this legacy to spread information that will be interesting, insightful and useful to lab practitioners and the lab-curious. To access the whole archive of microtainers, please visit SiG’s Microtainer page. 

Interesting resources that came across our desks in the month of April 2015 (in no particular order):

1. IDEO’s “The Field Guide to Human-Centered Design” is out!

IDEO, infamous for spreading “design thinking” around the world, has published their set of tools and methods in this field guide. “The Field Guide to Human-Centered Design reveals our process with the key mindsets that underpin how and why we think about design for the social sector, 57 clear-to-use design methods for new and experienced practitioners, and from-the-field case studies of human-centered design in action. ”

2. Tuukka Toivonen & Nicolas Friederici’s article in the Stanford Social Innovation Review Time to Define What a “Hub” Really Is”

A clarifying read on the four qualities of an “innovation hub”.

3. WIRED’s Scott Dadich “Design Wrong”

A splendid read on what it means to fail in order to innovate, and how to intentionally fail in order to create anew.

4. KPCB’s Design Partner John Maeda’s presentation “#DesignInTech Report”

A very useful slidedeck on the importance of design in tech, and why companies like Facebook, IBM, and Google are amassing their own design capabilities.

John Maeda - DesignInTech Microtainer

5. News: “BIT to partner with US cities through Bloomberg Philanthropies’ What Works Cities Initiative

The Behavioural Insights Team (BIT) has entered into a three-year partnership with Bloomberg Philanthropies on its new What Works Cities initiative. The $42 million project endeavors to build on existing innovation at the city-level by helping mayors and local leaders use data and evidence to engage the public, make government more effective and improve people’s lives.”

Also, they’re hiring! 

6. The Social Progress Index 2015

“The Social Progress Index offers a rich framework for measuring the multiple dimensions of social progress, benchmarking success, and catalyzing greater human wellbeing.” Check out this year’s ranking:

Social Progress Index 2015

7. Jim McKay’s article on Government Technology “Developing Preparedness and Recovery Plans with Design Thinking

It makes sense to test the waters with a tip of the toe before diving in, but government doesn’t always operate that way. But the concept design thinking gives government, including emergency management agencies, the flexibility of finding what works and what may not before the final product is complete.”