Better lives. Stronger society.

MaRS Solutions Lab develops new solutions to improve the lives of people and strengthen the resilience of society.

Around the world, societies face complex challenges in a time of transformation. While we move towards a knowledge society, we see public resources diminishing, institutions in crisis and systems in need of change. But problem-solving capacity of society is on a record high – people are more educated and informed; technology enables society to perform complex, collaborative tasks cheaply, quickly and easily; there is more private capital for social good than ever before; and many people want to be engaged in creating a better world. But to create the change necessary to tackle complex social and economic challenges, we need people and institutions to work together to develop system-wide solutions.

As a public and social innovation lab, the MaRS Solutions Lab brings together governments, foundations, corporations, non-governmental organizations, academia and the greater community to help unravel complex problems from the citizen’s perspective. We collaborate with users and stakeholders to develop, prototype and scale new solutions, and create opportunities to learn how to change the systems that help us thrive in the 21st century.

Labs: Designing the futureMaRS Solutions Lab was created in the spring of 2013 through a generous gift honouring the remarkable contributions of Dr. John Evans, Chair Emeritus and co-founder of MaRS Discovery District. The lab is part of a global movement where several countries are using public and social innovation labs to tackle society’s most intractable problems. Such labs include MindLab (Denmark), Kennisland (Netherlands), Nesta Innovation Lab (UK) and The Govlab (US). For more on labs, read the MaRS report Labs: Designing the Future.