At MaRS, innovation isn’t a buzzword.

Our mission is to make it mean something, through work that is purposeful, necessary and done to make the world a better place.

Some of today’s most promising companies are creating technology that is improving people’s lives in tangible, meaningful ways, and ultimately re-invigorating the meaning behind true innovation.

Because of important work being done in our community, over 17 million lives have been positively impacted through MaRS programs.

This campaign was funded by a gift from the MaRS Board of Directors. Thank you to all participating ventures: eSight, Mavencare and Nanoleaf.

Innovation means changing the world for the better

Groundbreaking work is being done across Canada to make people’s lives better in tangible, meaningful ways.

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Nanoleaf’s triple bottom line brings top-tier success

When Gimmy Chu was a little kid growing up in Mississauga, he tried to build a perpetual motion machine in his basement. He failed (obviously), but that obsession with pure sustainability informs his business approach today.

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How tech helped this legally blind woman become a coder

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Aging affects everyone. Mavencare’s health tech wants to help.

It was through great personal loss that Adam Blackman was able to find renewed purpose in his life and career. Already a successful physician and entrepreneur, Adam was living in Toronto when his grandmother, Rose, began experiencing the effects of advanced age.

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An unexpected cancer diagnosis was discovered by tech at his own company

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