#ICYMI: MaRS venture news for March 2015

#ICYMI: MaRS venture news for March 2015

Spring may be late to the party, but we had lots of great media coverage this March for startups in the cleantech and information and communications technology (ICT) spaces.

Capital news

Notable news

Media coverage

Nudy Patooty on Breakfast Television
Nudy Patooty bamboo undershirts were featured on Breakfast Television.


Canada AM hosts try PUSH’s fitness device with We Are Wearables founder Tom Emrich.
Vanhawks bike
Vanhawks’ Valour bike is reshaping the urban commute.
Wendy MacKinnon Keith
Wendy MacKinnon Keith is the founder of SelfPay, a consumer app that lets shoppers scan items and pay for them from anywhere in store on their own device.

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