Scaling is hard. OneEleven can help.

OneEleven is a reactor space for growing companies

Scaling is hard. OneEleven can help.



Some things are built to scale. At OneEleven, we know that the best companies in the world grow and flourish because they have brought together all the right elements: the idea, the technology, the talent, the investment and the ambition. That’s how great ecosystems grow too, and we pride ourselves on identifying both the companies and the global markets where scale can happen.

Companies we believe in

OneEleven targets select global cities with a high concentration of technology businesses that are past the startup phase and into periods of substantial growth: acquiring customers and investment while rapidly expanding their teams. Working with the local ecosystem players and VCs, we identify the most promising companies to join the OneEleven community as they enter these periods of accelerated growth. We believe in them, their products and their teams, and we focus on making sure they succeed.

Focus on growth

If incubators and accelerators help startups develop their ideas and find a market, then OneEleven is a Reactor: a place where all the right elements combine for a growing company to scale. By providing everything our members need, all in one place, we allow them to focus more of their valuable time on growing their business without distraction.

It all starts with providing a physical space where these high-performing companies can grow and engage with one another, learning from other teams and feeding off the expertise and drive of fellow entrepreneurs, technologists and problem solvers. Our locations are carefully designed to provide the type of environment needed by companies at this stage, including enclosed offices, and lots of meeting space suitable for meetings with investors, customers and recruits. Within the space we build community through programming and events, access to corporate and ecosystem partners, and curated introductions to investors, advisors and potential customers.

In the service of scale

But it doesn’t stop at office space and community, we take it further by tackling common obstacles faced by companies at this stage of growth. Using data, our in-house expertise and our own economies of scale, we offer an ever-growing platform of services that our companies would individually need to source, saving them time and money that they can re-invest in their growth. Whether it is recruiting and HR support, insurance, banking, alternative sources of capital, accounting, payroll, technology support, or customer acquisition, we have done the legwork on behalf of our community to provide quality services at pricing no individual company could secure. While the cost savings are important, it is often the significant time savings that our members cite as the value that they see in our service offerings.

Launched in Toronto, our founding location is home to more than 40 scaling companies and has graduated more than 25 alumni companies. Some of Toronto’s fastest-growing companies have been through OneEleven: from Wealthsimple to KOHO, Statflo, Borrowell and Tulip Retail.

When our companies succeed, we succeed. OneEleven: Built to scale.